The Federal Reserve ignored Trumps intervention to announce a rate hike and an overall decline in U.S. stocks



    台湾中央社报道,第二十,Jerome Powell,美联储主席是美国总统特朗普的批评无动于衷,强调加息决定没有政治考量。


    This is the fourth time the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates this year. 鲍威尔大胆地批评了特朗普的名字,很多次,他和所有成员的联邦公开市场委员会(FOMC)通过加息决定无异议。



    在美联储决定提高利率,特朗普多次叫鲍威尔和批评美联储最近的股市下跌,尽管不干预美联储决策的美国总统的惯例。To put it more bluntly, it would be "foolish" for the Fed to decide to raise interest rates again.

    At the press conference, facing the reporters question "How to view the pressure caused by Trumps many public expressions of opposition to interest rate hikes", Powell said in a very calm tone, without mentioning Trumps name, that the Fed does not consider political factors for interest rate hikes or not. "I am the same as all members, according to a lot of data and information, we should do our duty. Make the best decision.

    He also said on many occasions that the current economic data show that the United States is in the healthiest year of economic development since the financial crisis, so the decision to raise interest rates is "appropriate".